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Iddyl Property is a real estate agency specializing in supporting foreigners and non-residents during their real estate purchase project anywhere in France.

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Whether you are looking for an apartment in Paris, a house on the French Riviera or a farm in Béarn, our English speaking real estate agents will meet your needs.

In addition to taking care of the search for your home from start to finish, we will put you in touch with English speaking financing specialists for your mortgage and we will support you in your administrative procedures.


I decided to launch Iddyl Property following different professional and personal experiences. I worked in real estate in Spain and wanted to buy a secondary residency in France. I realized that it was very difficult to carry out this remote real estate purchase project.


The obstacles are numerous; lack of time, unavailability for visits, wrong interlocutor, lack of understanding in research etc. With Iddyl Property, we want to support you throughout the process of your real estate project, so buying a house in France when you are an expatriate or a foreigner does no longer feel like an obstacle course.

Maxence Toulouse Iddyl Property manager

Why Iddyl Property ?

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